Designing and manufacturing molds

To produce all the parts that are made by the casting process, a mold is needed and the mold is produced during two stages of  model design and manufacturing.

 Mold manufacturing

Mold making is one of the main processes of producing different parts. Today, molds are prepared for making different parts based on the methods of manufacturing them . Casting molds are divided into three categories and each has its own unique application.


Types of molds:

Diecast molds

Sand molds

Steps of model design and construction

In designing a model, the designer designs according to his knowledge, equipment and experience. Meanwhile, in order to have the best design and gating system, the model is designed using softwares such as CATIA, MECHANICAL, SOLID WORK, in which case the model is the basis of machining by CNC machine.

Assembling the model After designing the various components of the mold, it is time to produce it. To do this, they need to operate the machining program on the 3D model with POWERMILL software, and the program results are given to the CNC machine to be automatically performed on wood. Finally, these components are sent to the foundry for the production of metal parts and as well as stress relieving. After machining on the metal components of the model, all the components are assembled and finally the casting model gets ready for a casting practice.

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To produce parts by casting method, a suitable pattern is manufatured. There are different  manners for casting that use different methods for each unique piece. Here are three of the most common casting molds.

This method is used to make all kinds of parts made of aluminum that have homogenious thickness between one and a half to fifteen millimeters. In this case, molten aluminum is injected into the mold with high pressure. In this method, parts can be produced with higher quality and quantity. The mold is made of hot-rolled steel and is produced with high thickness. Diecast molds are more expensive than other types and have a larger size.

This method is used to make aluminum parts that do not have a uniform thickness but are important in terms of strength. In this method, the molten material is gently inserted into the mold. These molds are made of steel and are smaller in size than die-cast ones.

The most important method for the production of metal parts is casting in sand molds. This method requires the construction of a metal pattern. Sand molds are produced in different ways, some are produced automatically and some are produced in completely traditional and manual manner.