Project Description

 iki markarali valf

Teknik özellikler 
Yaklaşık ağırlık: 7/5 kgr
Cins: Gri dökme demir-GG25
Uygulama: Traktör endüstrisi

iki makaralı valfın Kısa Açıklaması

Hidrolik devredeki sıvının yönünü belirlemekten iki makaralı valf parçası sorumludur.

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Additional description of double spool valve:

The double spool valve, which is made of gray cast iron, is one of the most widely used parts in the tractor manufacturing industry and is also the main part of changing the hydraulic path of tractors which is installed in the manual lever section. Due to the function of this part and its sensitivity, it must be free of any casting defects and Sahand Azarin Foundry Industries Company is the only company that has been able to mass produce it

product customers:

The following factories and companies are the customers of this product:

  • Iran Tractor Manufacturing